“With a desire of a future without rhetoric and in which the so-called cultured music returns to being the driving power and shared heritage.”


Paolo Romano, Huffington Post

“Knowing Enrico I can say of him that he is a person of great humility, curious in everything that happens in Music and therefore full of desire and enthusiasm in his artistic growth.”

Javier Girotto

“His music is complex, rigorous, fascinating, without ephemeral concessions, an architecture that is revealed step by step in every niche where the aesthetic taste, the formal research, the beauty of the idea gain strength.”

Vincenzo La Gioia, Critical Minds

Enrico Olivanti

Musician, composer and guitarist of jazz and contemporary music, multimedia, music for images and teacher. My activity is based in Germany and look to various European countries.

The first performance of the Peruana Suite – Pachamama by Enrico Olivanti, commissioned by LJO sachsen was a special experience in every Concert. European and Peruvian motifs are mixed into an emotional and reflective piece, giving the LJO the opportunity to share the curiosity and the properly Saxon interest for the contemporary sounds with the hosts in Peru.

Milko Kersten

LJO Sachsen Orchestra conductor

I approached Enrico Olivanti’s Music after having had the chance to prepare the Wind section of the Saxon Youth Orchestra for the performance of one of his pieces. His musical language is highly expressive in his features and in his intertwining, resulting in its entirety manageable, yet it is rich of a multiplicity of heterogeneous constitutive elements. The use of dissonances is never a trivial tribute to Modernism, it is, on the contrary, at the service of the Constitution and the development of the Opera.

His Music remains in the Abstract, yet it belongs to the dramaturgy of the theme in question.

Stefan Fritzen

Dresdner Bläserphilharmonie Orchestra conductor, Clarino - March 2018

“Live like a traveller between musical worlds,
and get lost in the diversity and colours, emotions,
shadows and silences, between sounds and songs, being one with them,
Soul and Body, to make them vibrate and be able to resonate”

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